La Marana International School

July 2-13 2019

The nanotechnology evolution is fundamentally a materials revolution. We are learning how to structure and control matter on a size scale never seen before. However, in order for nanotechnology to have the widespread impact that is envisioned and fulfill its promise, the field must mature from a laboratory-driven ad hoc discovery process to a more systematic engineering discipline. The logical extreme of this effort encompasses low-dimensional semiconductor materials such as semiconductor nanowires and two-dimensional semiconductors, that offer a new paradigm enabling functional device prototypes including biosensors, solar cells, transistors, quantum light sources, lasers, ….

While advances in technologies are very important factors in realizing this vision, an overarching strategy and rational design framework is essential. This involves the integration of modeling and simulation methods with theory, experiment, and the transformation of the resulting information into knowledge, which is then applied in processing and manufacturing. Key to this approach is the organization of summer schools that aim at gathering chemists, physicists and industrial scientists to promote discussions and exchange ideas.

The 1D2DNanomat school will focus on the information exchange on the new developments in the broad field of 1D and 2D semiconductor materials involving their synthesis, manufacturing and processing, as well as challenges with existing measurement capability. It will raise the needs for more rational design approaches thanks to modelling and simulation. The school is organized within two networks: the european Innovative Training Networks “Indeed” and the french ANR network Dirac III-V.