Venue and location

The school will be organized in the conference centre named La Marana, which is a holiday village of IGESA, an institution belonging to the french defence. It is located 150 km south of the French coast, on the east shore of Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean sea, offering beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks. The village is ideally placed between the sea and inland water, at 8 km only from one of the major city of the island, Bastia.

Facilities include several offices, an auditorium and outdoor garden areas with tennis courts. The venue is equipped with wifi connection. Accomodation is provided by the conference centre.


Summer school participants are expected to arrive on Tuesday July 2nd, and to leave on Saturady, July 13th. Please, book your flight and boat tickets as soon as you are notified of your acceptance. Be aware that July is an heavily-crowded period in Corsica. So take care of your return ticket before departure.

How to reach La Marana

The best way to get to La Marana is through Bastia.

How to reach Bastia

Planes Bastia can be reached by plane from a wide range of european cities during

the summer List of flights at Bastia airport

Boat Ferries from the French or Italian coast with:
Corsica ferries
Corsica Linea

or Moby

Transportation from Bastia to La Marana

Taxi Taxi Nicoli +33 3 (0)6 34 61 67 02

Corsica Taxi: +33 3 (0)4 95 36 04 65 /  +33 3 (0)4 95 54 54 64

By road If you drive to La Marana from Bastia airport, follow the direction "Bastia, road N193 and then road D107. It takes 20 minutes
Special buses for our meeting will be chartered between Bastia airport and La Marana on July 2th and July 13th. The schedule is not yet available.