Digital Systems and Life Sciences

The Digital Systems and Life Sciences (DSLS) department of ISEN-Lille/Yncréa Hauts de France conducts multidisciplinary research for life sciences using both hardware and software technologies.

With the emerging innovative biomedical technology, the “engineering for health concept” is entering an unprecedented development to provide real-time analysis for diagnosis, personalized medicine for therapeutics and connected devices for sustainable farming.

Our research, encompassing the development of medical devices by micro technologies, and images processing / big data analysis by artificial intelligence (AI) approaches, brings new methods on converging areas such as the detection of circulating tumour cells, drug screening and in-vivo parasitological studies as well as bioprocesses and animal welfare surveys.

These activities rely on a special partnership with the University of Tokyo, the CNRS, the university of Lille and the Centre Oscar Lambret1 to develop “on chip laboratories (BioMEMS)” against cancer within the SMMiL-E2 program. Our region benefits from these international collaborations transferring advanced complementary technological opportunities that can also be applied to pathologies other than cancer. The DSLS department research is within renown research units’ activities, namely LIMMS3 (Tokyo-Lille) and IEMN4.

The theme Digital Systems and Life Sciences structures research on both hardware and software and foresees the emergence of technological industries for biology (biotech) and health (medtech) to endorse Hauts de France region as a major economic center in this fast growing area, supported by existing synergies with the university hospital campus, EURA-Santé and EURA-Technologies.

1 Centre Oscar Lambret : Comprehensive cancer center in Region Hauts de France.

2 Programme SMMiL-E : Centre Oscar Lambret, CNRS, University of Tokyo, University of Lille.

3 Laboratory for Integrated MicroMechatronic Systems, LIMMS/CNRS-IIS UMI 2820

4 Institut for Electronic, Microelectronic and Nanotechnology, IEMN UMR 8520